iPod Challenge Update 3

As the B’s draw to a close I’ve had to suffer some Bad Medicine in the guise of Bon Jovi !!

Oh dear……what was so bad with peoples lives at the tail end of the 80’s that they thought listening to Bon Jovi would make things better.

Its the musical equivalent of Formula One, over blown, over hyped and over produced. I’d rather have spent the last hour ironing socks and underpants which is as equally pointless as this musical misery.

But I guess that’s one of the hardships this journey into the depths of my iPod will throw at me and I guess at some point I either borrowed this or bought it. Please let me have borrowed it I could have spent the money on cheese.

Anyway at the start of the C’s there’ll be one of those little guilty pleasure that you don’t confess to. It’ll be like an angel pouring melted marshmallow and honey into my ears. Karen Carpenter. Sssshh don’t tell anyone I’ve got my street cred to consider.

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