Maps and Stats

I don’t know if you’re anything like me but I love looking at the stats I get on my blog every day.

But mainly I love the map showing where my visitors have come from. I have a degree in Geography which apart from my love of the subject hasn’t really helped me in my career. I went to study geography for no other reason than my passion for it.

I love rivers, and glaciated valleys, tors, roche moutonees, ribbon lakes, ox bow lakes and hanging valleys. The names resonate and the study of how they were formed sucks me in.

How can you not love volcanoes, the raw power, the unpredictability and the danger. The shifting patterns of the weather and its effect on the land.

And maps!

Maps are just beautiful. I can spend hours studying an atlas, I get lost, literally in the topography, the names and all the history they can suggest.

And the map on my blog stats has become a little bit of excitement during the day. Just to see where people live who have read the nonsense I write gives me a buzz. And seeing a new country appear is special every time.

So thank you for stopping by and if you know someone who lives in an out of the way country give them a nudge and get them to appear on my map.


  1. AnnetteM · November 13, 2014

    I love the out of the way countries that appear in my stats. I too wonder who they are and how they found my blog.

  2. Crooked Tracks · November 14, 2014

    I also love maps šŸ™‚

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