Living in God’s Own Country

I was born and bred in Yorkshire and after twenty years living away I moved back about 12 years ago for various reasons. Although we live in an old and run down former mill town in West Yorkshire we are very close to some of the most beautiful parts of the world. If I travel an hour or so West I can be on the coast, however that would be Lancashire and no-one goes there! If I travel East an hour or so I can be by the sea In Whitby, Sands End or Filey. South I can visit the Peak District in Derbyshire but if I travel North I’m in God’s backyard, the Yorkshire Dales.


Ribblehead viaduct is on the Settle to Carlisle rail line beloved by rail enthusiast the world over. Its a fabulous piece of architecture whether you’re a train buff or not and with a Swaledale sheep sauntering into view as iconically Yorkshire as you can get.

The Dales are full of wildlife from leaping salmon in the Ribble, peregrines nesting on Malham Cove, red deer on the moors to birds just grabbing a bite to eat.


There are also a lot of waterfalls in the Dales and one of the most impressive is Hardraw Force reputed to be the highest single drop waterfall in England. Not only is the Force an impressive sight it has to be in the strangest location because to get to it you have to go through the village pub. It doesn’t get much better than grabbing a pint of local ale and marvelling at a hundred foot high waterfall.


Its noisy, wet and muddy but definitely somewhere to take family and friends when they come to visit. And many of you will already have seen the Force without realising it. Its where Maid Marion spied on Robin Hood (Kevin Costner) in Prince of Thieves. If you can’t get enough of this movie Aysgarth Falls, about 30 minutes drive away, is where Robin fought Little John in the river.


Simple to see really why they call it God’s Own Country


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