Meet Bramble and Mabel

For quite sometime I resisted getting a dog, which is strange as growing up my dog was one of my best friends. When I met my better half she came with a cat and for the next twenty years we were cat people. Max, Kizzy, Harley, Charlie and Minnie.

But for some reason she decided she wanted a dog and I just assumed that once the puppy pulling power had worn off then I would be the one trudging through the rain, sleet and snow to walk the dog. So I stupidly resisted.

But women being women I eventually relented and so Bramble arrived, a dog who back in the day would have been a mutt, a Heinz 57, a mongrel, but nowadays is a Cockerpoo. An expensive mutt. But an adorable mutt.



Bramble soon became part of the furniture, the boys loved her, the wife was enamoured and I quite liked her too.

Then we decided she needed a pal so a year later Mabel joined the clan and what a different dog she is. Bramble was easy to train, learnt tricks, rolled over, waved and danced. Mabel on the other hand, shall we just say she tried. (Mabels puppy picture stolen from my eldest).



But boy do we love our mutts. And my wife loves walking them in any weather. And of course when it rains they obviously have coats!!!!!


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