When Did Pubs Start To Think They Were Designer Boutiques?

If I walked into Vivienne Westwood’s shop I would know straightaway that,

a) I was in the wrong place and
b) I couldn’t afford anything, as any shop that doesn’t display prices is not somewhere I should be.

So why don’t pubs display the price of their beer?

Friday night, Sowerby Bridge, £4.20 for a pint of lager!!!!
Its not central London, Manchester or even Leeds, it’s Sowerby Bridge, a small town in West Yorkshire!

I’m not a lager connoisseur by any stretch of the imagination but I can just about tell the difference between your Carlsberg, Carling or Heineken and a San Miguel or Peroni and I’m happy to pay a small premium for that difference.

However unless its made from Unicorn tears and distilled through an angels hair then it certainly isn’t worth that price.

So pubs display your prices, I’m sure its some sort of legal requirement, and stop making me feel like I just got burnt.

Or call it lager by Vivienne and I’ll ask for one of your other brands.

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