I’ve Been Checking Out Some Racks !


I have a new target list for my photography and I’m intent on ticking everything off it.

Last week was the leaping salmon – tick – and this week I wanted some stags during the rut. So alarm set for stupid o’clock on a Sunday morning off I went at 5.15am. Arrived at Studley Royal deer park before it was open and before it was light but spent half an hour actually looking at the stars which you rarely see these days through the haze of sodium.  Driving into the car-park I nearly ran over rather then ticked off Pheasant from my to photo list.

As dawn broke I was sat below a tree feet from a small herd of around 30 deer with its stag parading around and bellowing at anyone who would listen.


His lady friends carried on nibbling grass or feeding their young without taking too much notice of his rants but he had his eyes on the young bucks sniffing around, so to speak. A couple of times he chased them off constantly bellowing and throwing his head around. But they’ll be back in a couple of years with a bigger rack and more bravado.


Like watching the salmon last week it was an absolute pleasure to spend a morning in their company and what magnificent animals they are.

What they have shown me though is I need a tripod and a bigger lens, now where’s my Barclaycard?


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