The iPod Challenge Update

Well I’m a couple of weeks in and the A’s are drawing to a close with Avril Lavigne! Yes I know I told you it was an eclectic mix.

So what have we enjoyed/endured so far?

Abba took me back to 75 and their appearance on Eurovision. It also reminded me why I like blondes, Agnetha it’s all your fault. Endless schoolground discussions over blonde or brunette depending which one was more prominent in their latest video. No real comments on the music when you’re 13 I’m afraid but hey who doesn’t like Abba.

Adele has a voice but bloke issues.

Aesop is about as far as I want to go down that musical road

America provided something more my world

Alanis Morissette whats not to like?

Annie Lennox has been a favourite since seeing her in the Tourists at uni in the early 80’s. Incredible voice and presence thoroughly enjoyable.

Amy Winehouse you just knew was going to be someone who wasn’t around for long so enjoy it while you could.

Arctic Monkeys provide some Yorkshire grit with great songwriting and tunes

Athlete is a bit mid atlantic for me, one of those albums that even though it was only yesterday when I listened to it I can’t really remember.

So 20 Albums in……haha take that first born…..and next up is B and B*Witched, why why why.

But saying that there’s the Beatles, Blondie, Ben E King, Bob Marley and Bob Dylan in amongst there so here we go.


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