Once more from Berlin

I was born the year after the Berlin Wall was started, so growing up it quite often appeared in the news as the Cold War rumbled on. I remember as a child hearing of escapes over, under and through the wall and the whole concept of a city cut in half struck some nerve or chord.

Seeing those people climbing onto it and smashing it with sledgehammers, picks and bare hands in 1989 is one of those moments that will stay with everyone who witnessed it. So to see the wall up close, to see how high and how long it was, has always been something I wanted to do.

This summer we visited Berlin and I saw what was left of the wall. As all visitors do I took photo’s, and outside the Topography of Terror museum I took this picture. It wasn’t staged I just got lucky with the businessman walking past the hole.

50 years ago that was what it must have been like. Life carrying on, separated by an ideology and a 87 mile long and 12 foot high wall.

IMG_7493 IMG_7588

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