Friday Night is Music Night….well every third Friday depending on work and the weather!

My drinking partner and I have slowly over the last year morphed into the people I believe others perceive us to be. Two grumpy old gits sat in the same pub every Friday night moaning at the world, the state of the country, the uselessness of politicians and the crap that’s on the telly.

Until recently we often left our cosy seats and ventured out, usually to see if people were as cantankerous as us or to listen to some live music. But we’d stopped doing it, it was too far, too cold, too wet…we’d become slothful and inert, stuck to the routine and a bit boring.

So last week we made a pledge, we’d get off our arses, venture forth and tilt our lances at life. And boy am I glad that we did.

The band are called The Sudden Death of Stars, they’re from France (no prejudgement please) and they have a sitar player!!!


They are like the bastard child of 1969 Pink Floyd and the Monkees, complete with a couple of 60’s shirts and haircuts. But they can play. Now we’ve seen a few bands play this pub and quite often they’ll be that little different to the norm. Sometimes there’s a violin player or a flautist or a guy in a onesie covered in felt hands manically dancing but for me a sitar is a first. Straight away you get that trippy sixties vibe but you also get a weird dude, because you have to be a little strange to decide your going to play one of those. The guy could certainly play but he also had that little something I’d expect from a sitar player. He sat on the floor with no shoes or socks and when he wasn’t required to play he zoned out, he was miles away, probably in a Paris loft near the Sacre Coeur smoking a Gitanes.


They were good, the crowd had a good evening, the band seemed to enjoy themselves and when it was over the sitar player put on his shoes and socks and left.

Great fun. I think we’ll be doing it again soon……if its not raining.

Oh and did I mention I think the bass player was Alan from the Hangover movies. And apologies for the photo’s they’re off my mobile.

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