A Favourite Photo


As a family we’re not great beach lovers and two or three days of sitting by a pool would probably lead to famliocide. So we tend to do short breaks in great cities. We book a nice hotel, eat at nice restaurants and do the sights. The boys get to see lots of beautiful buildings and historical places while we all generally unwind for a few days.

I love photography, but I wouldn’t say I’m any good. I have a decent camera which tends to do all the work I just have to point it in the right direction. Whilst in Paris my eldest and I invented Snaparazzi which basically means taking photos guerilla style, no focus and no letting anyone know you’re taking a picture. You tend to get lots of feet, backs of buses and shots of pavements or sky. But it also makes you see more, you look away from the obvious and snap more of what’s actually going on. And every so often you get a great picture.

This photo was taken in Berlin at one of the busiest tourists spots there is, the Brandenburg Gate. It was full of tourists shooting their digital snapshot before moving on to the Reichstag, the Wall or the Jewish memorial.


I doubt many of them even noticed this young artist with her human easel sat right in the middle of the road taking her snapshot in her own more sedate way. I took lots of pictures of the Gate but I don’t think any of them will remind me more of Berlin than she will.


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