It just goes to show you never know what’s round the corner.

Most days at lunchtime I go out of the office for a walk in the local area. We’re quite rural in this part of West Yorkshire so there are a few places to walk, to stretch your legs and blow away the cobwebs. I usually have my camera and I usually end up with a few snaps.

Last week I went out as usual, found a new path I hadn’t been down and set off for a nosey. Down at the end of the road were a couple of houses and what looked at first glance to be some dog kennels. Having two dogs we need to put in kennels when we go away, I thought these would be handy, much nearer to home than our usual ones so time to investigate.

Imagine my surprise when I peered into the first one only to have an American Bald Eagle staring back at me! The second one had a large owl, the third and fourth had Harris Hawks and the final one a vulture and guess where my camera was……certainly not around my neck and my phone was back in the office.

Returning to work you can imagine the replies I got when trying to tell people what I’d seen and some of the looks I got!

So at the weekend I grabbed my camera and returned determined to show the doubters and to restore my credibility which had somewhat diminished. When I got back to the aviaries I was disappointed to find the eagle wasn’t to be seen and I was beginning to doubt myself when I glanced up behind the sheds to see her sat in the field on a large perch. Camera grabbed I went back round, into the field and as near as I dare, i.e not very near at all, and here she is.


So now with my sanity checked and on hearing voices by the sheds I returned to see if someone would let me know what was going on. I met Keith who is the birds owner and spent the next hour being thoroughly educated about his birds of prey and he took me to meet the eagle Demona and what a beautiful bird she is. I’m hoping next time I wander that way Ruby the vulture will be out and she can show me her eight foot wingspan!



So next time you’re out and about venture down that road less travelled and you never know what you might find.

Oh I nearly forgot

What’s a Pirates favourite animal?

An aaarrrrdvarrrk.


  1. jcpramblings · November 7, 2014

    Stunning and what a lucky find.

  2. Krosscourt · November 27, 2014

    lol at arrrrrrrrrdvark. Im glad you met Keith; I expect we shall see many images in the future with feathers.

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