The Worlds Third Funniest Joke

As last Friday was International Talk like a Pirate Day the worlds third funniest joke got told many a time. It’s a classic Dad joke and it got me thinking about the whole Dad joke concept. A bit like Dad dancing it just happens when you have kids and the best bit is the more kids you have the more Dad jokes you seem to know. One day you don’t know any and as soon as that little bundle of joy arrives your head is full of the greatest cheesiest jokes known (only) to man. Mum’s don’t have mum jokes, they’re too busy being mum’s and ensuring that bundle of joy survives to hear all Dad’s belters. And the only person who laughs at Dad jokes is the teller, chuckling away while their offspring roll their eyes and go back to Minecraft. But that doesn’t stop us and just encourages us to tell them over and over again.
So what is the third funniest joke in History?

Q Why are Pirates called Pirates?

A They just aaarrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

As a family we recently went to London to see the poppies at the Tower of London and the book benches scattered around the city. We had a great day, visited most of the tourist attractions and walked miles on one of Steves’ whimsical tours. A good time was had by all which was topped off by an hour with my youngest on the train back making up Pirate jokes. It was Dad joke heaven, my son and most of the train carriage groaned in unison as I found my zenith of pirate infused comedy genius.
I leave you with a couple of the highlights and one day I promise to reveal the second funniest joke in the world. The funniest is too dangerous I’m afraid.

Q Where do Pirates go on holiday?

A Yaaarrrrrmouth

Q What’s a Pirates favourite charity

A The ArrrrrSPCA


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