What happened to the Nativity play

Having just sat through The Trial of Goldilocks as my sons schools Christmas play I began to wonder if we were so scared of being PC that the Nativity play was a thing of the past. Now don’t get me wrong the play was very good and the kids seemed to have a great time but it could have been done any time of the year and the only mention of Christmas in the whole production was in a chorus of We wish your merry Christmas at the end. Are we so afraid of upsetting the non Christians that we have a production where Christmas never seems to have been considered at all.
I’m not at all religious, I haven’t had an imaginary friend since I was really small and don’t understand why I would want one as a grown up but I believe it’s up to the individual to make up their own minds and this includes my son. Why should children be made to avoid the Nativity and the part it plays In a traditional Christmas. Goldilocks Trial would be funny at any other time of the year so at Christmas let me have Kings and Shepherds and lots and lots of kids dressed as sheep.

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